An introduction

Lleyn ewes mid-pregnancy in Frant Stuart Fletcher breeds and tends sheep in and around Wadhurst, on the Kent and East Sussex border in the old-fashioned way, following in the footsteps of itinerant shepherds. He doesn’t own a farm but rents acreage enabling him to select the best meadowland.

After graduating in Naval Architecture Stuart spent 10 years designing ships and oilrigs in London and it was during this time that he bought his first four sheep because he was dismayed at how much imported meat made it onto local supermarket shelves.

After sampling his own superior grass-reared and slow-grown produce he expanded his flock to 30, gaining first-hand experience of lambing, shearing and sheepdog training. His flock stood at 150 ewes when Stuart left the city, and four years on, the flock has expanded to around 350 ewes, grazing 250 rented acres.

Stuart now produces locally butchered meat, hung for 14 days, to supply the discerning local consumer with packs of whole or half lamb, hogget and mutton, all cut and packaged ready for the oven or freezer, delivered nationwide by courier.