Meat box scheme

“A phenominal product”, said the head chef at The Bell in Ticehurst of their first of many lambs


12_What's in the box - Hogget (b)Lamb, hogget and mutton boxes are available all year and I can deliver a whole or half carcass box to your door, delicately butchered and packaged ready for the oven or freezer. To order a box, or just to chat about what is available give me a ring on 07765 887714 or send me an email.

The two photos show the contents of a hogget box, which as a guide weighs roughly 12Kg pre-butchering. Once packaged it will fit into one drawer of a standard under-counter freezer. The weight will vary through the seasons but this is a good guide.

The carcasses are dry-aged for around two weeks  in a controlled environment by a master butcher to enhance its eating qualities. During this period the flavour and tenderness have time to develop. My lamb is consequently drier and darker out of the packet than supermarket-bought meat which is often packaged with inert gases to stop discolouration.11_What's in the box - Hogget (a)

Carcasses are butchered and vacuum packed on the day of delivery. There is a ‘recommended’ cutting specification, but its possible to have the carcasses cut any way you wish – for instance some customers like joints boning and rolling for easier carving at the table.

At present there is roughly a three week lead-time on lamb orders, so please bear this in mind if ordering for a special occasion.

The recommended butchering specification would give a half lamb box containing the following:


Two half leg roasting joints,
One lamb shank
Two boned and rolled half shoulder roasting joints
One french trimmed racks (cutlets)
Six loin chops
One lamb rump roasting cut
One neck fillet
Two bags of lamb mince
liver and offal is available upon request


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